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Because we have been updating and re-arranging our pages structure, you have probably arrived here from an out of date search engine link.

You can still get to where you want by simply using the menu on the left, or use the search box top right, which is restricted to this website only (and a few paid-for links).



RambleFest Update — 4 Comments

  1. Hello

    Are you still updating your website because I can’t find the distances between places anymore, or the transport information. I’ve found your website so helpful in the past, so I’m really hoping it’s not a permanent change.

    Thank you

    • Silka,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We have removed many of the distances because paths change slightly, meaning a lot of work is necessary updating our info.
      Also, different guides give different mileages, which is confusing on our site.
      We feel anyone who is serious about a long-distance path will buy the guidebook, which includes mileages.
      Also, our website is not about the navigation or mileages, but about accommodation and other services.
      Michael, RambleFest

      Michael, RambleFest

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Silka. Please return the distances between different places! They are invaluable to me as I tramp round the country. Thanks buddy. Barry Merchant

  3. I agree that the mileages between places help with planning. We try and do around 15/18k per day so useful to know where to stay. Lots of the smaller walks do not have guidebooks so please reinstate distances…..we shan’t complain if there are minor errors!

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