South West Coast Path Accommodation

South West Coast Path Accommodation and Other Services

RambleFest displays details of The South West Coast Path accommodation, guidebooks and maps, pubs, transport, and map links for locations en route.

South West Coast Path accommodation

Because of its length, 630 miles, very few people walk the route in one go. Rather, they walk sections of it at different times.
Similarly, the guidebooks (see below) split the route into sections – although each publisher splits the route differently!

Please note that while we display the guidebooks and maps for the whole route, we include Accommodation, Pubs, Camping and Public Transport for only the Minehead to Padstow section (see Table of Services further down the page).

South West Coast Path Accommodation and Other Services Table – Minehead to Padstow

Please click on a location to open the page displaying Accommodation, Camping, Pub and Restaurant information for that location.

MineheadAll services
BossingtonAccommodation, Tea Rooms, Bus
Porlock1Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Bus
Porlock WeirAccommodation, Pub, Food
CountisburyAccommodation, Pub, Food
LynmouthHotel, B&B, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Camping shop, Bus
LyntonHotel, B&B, Hostel, Camping, Pub,
Woody BayHotel, Restaurant
Heddons ValleyB&B, Pub
Combe MartinHotel, B&B, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
BerrynarborHotel, Restaurant
WatermouthAccommodation, Camping
Pub, Food
Hele BayPub, Restaurant
IlfracombeAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
Mortehoe¾Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
WoolacombeAccommodation, Camping, Pub,
Food, Bus
CroydeAccommodation, Camping, Pub,
Food, Bus
SauntonHotel, Food, Bus
BrauntonAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
BarnstapleAccommodation, Pub, Food,
Camping Shop, Train, Bus
InstowAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
East The WaterAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
BidefordAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
AppledoreAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
Westward Ho!Accommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
Horns Cross1B&B, Pub, Bus
ClovellyAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
West Titchberry
Accommodation (B&B)
Hartland QuayAccommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Elmscott¾Accommodation (B&B and YHA)
CrosstownAccommodation, Pub, Food
CrookletsHotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant
BudeHotel, B&B, Hostel, Pub, Restaurant,
Widemouth BayHotel, Camping, Pub, Restaurant
B&B, Pub
St JuliotCamping
BoscastleAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
BossineyHotel, Restaurant
TintagelAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
Treknow½Accommodation, Bar, Food
TrebarwithAccommodation, Pub, Food
Port GaverneAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
Port IsaacAccommodation, Pub, Food, Bus
New PolzeathCamping, Cafe
PolzeathAccommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Bus
RockRestaurants, Pubs, Ferry
PadstowAccommodation, Camping, Pub,
Food, Bus, Ferry

South West Coast Path Guidebooks and Maps

Notes on South West Coast Path Accommodation

Accommodation along the South West Coast Path is plentiful. We have split accommodation into Hotels & Inns and Bed & Breakfast. Guest House accommodation is included with Bed and Breakfast, and while we realise many of them are better than some hotels, in order to avoid confusion we have opted for the simpler option. We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome South West Coast Path accommodation recommendations.

South West Coast Path Restaurants and Pubs

As with accommodation, there are many restaurants and pubs along the South West Coast Path. We have attempted to give as much information as possible, especially if pubs serve real ale and/or food. However, restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

South West Coast Path Website Links

National Trail
This is the official site of the South West Coast Path, and contains a wealth of information and advise.

South West Coast Path Association
This also contains much information relating to the path.

Explore The South West Coast Path
This site has many photographs, and has good sectional route descriptions. A very good appetizer for the walk.

South West Coast Path Public Transport

We have given information on public transport not just for the start and finishing points of the South West Coast Path, but also for places in between. More information is always welcome.

South West Coast Path Photographs and Logs

We want to display as many photographs as possible of the South West Coast Path, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs – just email them to us. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

South West Coast Path Updates and Recommendations

RambleFest welcomes updates and recommendations to our South West Coast Path Accommodation and Services page. Please contact us with details, using our Listing Upgrade page. All our listings are free.

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