River Ribble Source

River Ribble Source

RambleFest displays map location and other information on the River Ribble source, particulary regarding walking the Ribble Way. River Ribble Source map

Source of Ribble River

Unlike the sources of the Thames and the Dee, which are clearly pointed out on Ordnance Survey maps, the River Ribble source seems open to opinion by not being marked on OS maps.

Congratulations !! The Ribble Way has been walked. What to do now? There are several options, among them:

  • Backtrack along the route, then down to Ribblehead for either the train or accommodation
  • Take the path leading to the Pennine Way (1 mile) (see map link above), then walk 5¾ miles along the Pennine Way into Hawes, which has very good accommodation, pubs, restaurants and public transport.

We welcome other suggestions.


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