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In many places the track consists or consisted of several routes, particularly as it passes along the line of the escarpment of the Chilterns, probably because of the seasonal usage, and possibly the amount of traffic especially of herds or flocks of livestock.
To the west the track can be detected below the escarpments of the Berkshire Downs. Near Wantage, the route along the ridge of the Downs is known as The Ridgeway, and the name Icknield Way is applied to a parallel lowland route above the spring-line at the northern edge of the chalk.
Between Lewknor and Ivinghoe there are two parallel courses known as the Lower Icknield Way and the Upper Icknield Way. In Cambridgeshire, Street Way (Ashwell Street), Ditch Way and others have been put forward as variant routes, possibly for use in summer or winter.
The Icknield Way used to form part of the boundary between Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, and at one time Royston was cut in two by this boundary. Royston is where the Icknield Way crosses Ermine Street.

Notes on Icknield Way Guidebooks

We display the one dedicated Icknield Way guidebook. It is available through the Icknield Way Association.
It may also be available from third-parties via our Amazon link. We also display other books of interest.

Icknield Way Maps

We display the OS maps required for the Icknield Way, though of course many people will only walk part of the route and therefore only require one or two maps.
Ordnance Survey provide the service of online maps, which you can use on all your devices. Costs around £20 -£25 per year for all maps across the UK for a year. Great value. Click on the link:
Ordnance Survey Maps Online


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