Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation

Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation and Services

RambleFest displays details of Hadrian’s Wall Path accommodation, camping, where to eat and drink, guidebooks and maps, and public transport. We also include a website and Ordnance Survey map link for each service along the route for which we have details.

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The Hadrian’s Wall Path is an 83-mile walk (the actual mileage differs slightly, according to the guidebook used) from Wallsend to Bowness On Solway, keeping as close as possible to Hadrian’s Wall. The path is beautifully rugged, although really never far from villages or farmhouse accommodation. It coincides with the Pennine Way and Pennine Journey for a few miles, and also connects with the Cumbria Way at Carlisle.

“Hadrian’s Wall Path runs for 86 miles (138 km) between Bowness-on-Solway and Wallsend (Newcastle) along the line of the Roman Wall completed in AD122 under the Emperor Hadrian. This National Trail crosses northern England from Irish Sea to North Sea and offers many chances to look at the forts, milecastles and interpretation centres within this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The route is clearly waymarked and well supported by public transport, giving flexibility to walk it in linear sections or as loop walks.”
Hadrian’s Wall Path, By Gordon Simm, Jacquetta Megarry.

Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation and Services Table

Please click on a location to open the page displaying Hadrian’s Wall Path accommodation, camping, pub and restaurant information for that location.
An Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map link has been included at each location; once the link is clicked, the map can be dragged and the scale adjusted. For each service an address and contact number is given, and wherever possible that service’s proximity to the Hadrian’s Wall Path.

WallsendAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Metro, Bus
Newcastle (Centre)All Services (Except Camping)
NewburnAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
Wylam1Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Restaurant, Train Station
Heddon-on-the-WallAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
East WallhousesAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
Halton and CorbridgeAccommodation, Pub,
WallAccommodation, Camping,
Pub, Restaurant, Bus
and Humshaugh
Accommodation, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
CarrawAccommodation, Bus
Once Brewed
and Twice Brewed
¾Accommodation, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
CawfieldsAccommodation, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
Greenhead½Accommodation, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
GilslandAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
BanksAccommodation, Camping
WaltonAccommodation, Camping,
NewtownAccommodation, Bus
Irthington¾Accommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
Crosby-on-EdenAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
CarlisleAll Services (except Camping)
BeaumontCamping (cabins and tents),
Burgh-by-SandsPub, Restaurant, Bus
Bousted HillAccommodation, Bus
Honesty Cabin, Bus
GlassonPub, Restaurant
Port CarlisleAccommodation, Camping,
Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Bowness On SolwayAccommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus

Hadrian’s Wall Path Guidebooks and Maps

Notes on Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation

Crosby on Eden, Hadrian's Wall Path accommodation

We display a wide range of accommodation type, e.g. B&B, Guest House, Hotel, Inn, Hostel, Self catering, camping, etc., but inevitably in some locations the accommodation is limited. Not all accommodation will offer evening meals; this needs to be ascertained with the individual landlords. B&B (Bed and Breakfast) is almost always within the same house, farm, etc. as the people who run it. Guest Houses are usually expected to be grander than B&B, but are not necessarily so. Hotels are grander still, and with the expected higher cost, although there is a range of hotel quality. Hostels offer the most basic of accommodation above Bunk-House and Camping, and are therefore among the cheapest. Quite often some cleaning is required on the part of the resident.
We have included Camping, although there are relatively few official campsites. We advise telephoning the individual sites for info on facilities. Also, it may well be worth telephoning farmhouse B&B to enquire about camping.
We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome Hadrian’s Wall Path accommodation recommendations.

Hadrian’s Wall Path Restaurants and Pubs

Some ramblers will be content to stay in their B&B in the evening and relax. Others will want to explore the villages and towns and sample the pubs and restaurants. Luckily, many pubs serve good food, and at a reasonable cost. As mentioned above, there is plenty of stopping points along the Hadrian’s Wall Path, whether for food or drink, and we have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants, especially regarding pubs serving real ale and/or food. Please refer to our Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation, Services and Mileage Table below.
Restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

Hadrian’s Wall Path Public Transport

As well as listing train stations and bus links on the relevant pages, we have also listed Hadrian’s Wall Path public transport on a single page to assist those organising their walk: Hadrian’s Wall Path Public Transport

Hadrian’s Wall Path Web Links

National Trail: Hadrian’s Wall has a great deal of information as well as an interactive map. It also has up-to-date diversion info
Hadrian’s Wall Country has a great deal of information on the Heritage Site that is Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Path Circular Walks

We welcome suggestions for circular walks along the Hadrian’s Wall Path. Please give us as much info as possible, eg distance, refreshment stops, description etc and we will add a map and a link.

Hadrian’s Wall Path Photographs Etc

Ian Dalgliesh has placed online excellent Hadrian’s Wall Path photographs as well as Hadrian’s Wall Roman Remains photographs

We would like to display as many photographs of the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs. Please use the form in our Contact Us page. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

We welcome updates and additions to our Hadrian’s Wall Path Accommodation and Services page. Please give details using our Listing Upgrade page. All our listings are free.


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