Viking Way Accommodation

Viking Way Accommodation and Other Services

RambleFest lists details of Viking Way accommodation, pubs, restaurants, guidebooks and maps, and public transport.

The Viking Way is a 147-mile long-distance path between the Humber Bridge in Lincolnshire and Oakham in Rutland. The name derives from the influence the Vikings had in the area, a hint given by the fact that so many place names end with -by, an indication of a Viking settlement.

Viking Way Mileage and Services Table

Please click on a location to open the page displaying Accommodation, Camping, Pub and Restaurant information for that location.
NOTE: Figures after the `+’ sign indicates miles off route. The Legend can be found at the bottom of the table.

Barton Upon Humber Hotel, B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant, Train,Bus
South Ferriby 3 Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
Barnetby-le-Wold 14 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Train
Somerby 16½ Camping
Grasby 18½ B&B, Camping, Pub
Caistor 22 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Nettleton 23 Hotel, B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant
Walesby 29 B&B, Camping, Restaurant
Tealby 31 Camping, Pub, Restaurant
Ludford 34½ Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
Donnington on Bain 41½ Hotel, B&B, Pub
Goulceby 44¾ B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant
Scamblesby 46½ Hotel, B&B, Pub
Belchford 48¾ Camping, Pub
Fulletby 50¼ Camping
Horncastle 54½ Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Woodhall Spa 60¾ Hotel, B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant
Martin Dales 61½ + 1 Inn, Camping, Pub
Southrey 67¾ Pub
Bardney 70 B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Fiskerton 78½ Pub
Lincoln 84½ Hotel, B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant, Camping Shop, Train,Bus
Bracebridge Heath 88¼ + ½ Pub
Waddington 90¼ Pub
Harmston 92 Pub
Coleby 93 Pub
Boothby Graffoe 94¼ Camping
Navenby 95 Pub
Wellingore 96½ Inn, Pub
Byard’s Leap 101½ B&B, Camping
Ancaster 103¼ + 1¾ B&B, Camping, Pub, Restaurant, Train
Marston 111¾ Hotel
Woolsthorpe 121½ Hotel, Camping, Pub
Skillington 128½ + 1¼ B&B, Pub
Buckminster 130½ + ½ Pub
Sewstern 131 + ¼ Pub
Greetham 137½ Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
Exton 139¾ Pub
Whitwell 141¼ Hotel, B&B
Oakham 147 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Camping Shop, Train,Bus

Viking Way Guidebooks & Maps

CLICK HERE for the best Viking Way guidebooks and maps, and the facility for buying them online.

Viking Way Accommodation

There is plenty of Viking Way accommodation and other services along the route. We have split accommodation into Hotels & Inns and Bed & Breakfast. Guest Houses are included with Bed and Breakfast, and while we realise many of them are as good as some hotel accommodation, in order to avoid confusion we have opted for the simpler option. We are always looking to improve our Viking Way accommodation and other services listings – please email us if you have updates or recommendations.

Viking Way Restaurants and Pubs

We have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants along the Viking Way, but restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Many pubs serve bar meals or incorporate a restaurant, and we try to include information on real ale. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

Viking Way Public Transport

We have given information on public transport not just for the start and finishing points of the Viking Way, but also for places in between. More information is always welcome.

Viking Way Photographs and Logs

We want to display as many photographs as possible of the Viking Way, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs – just email them to us. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

Viking Way Updates and Recommendations

RambleFest welcomes updates and recommendations. Please contact us with details. All our listings are free.

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