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Way for the Millennium Accommodation and Other Services

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Way for the Millennium accommodation

The Way for the Millennium is a gentle 39 mile long-distance footpath which traverses west to east across Staffordshire, making much use of canal towpaths and old railway lines. It complements the Staffordshire Way, and shares a few miles with it. There is plenty of accommodation and other services along the route, does not present problems of tough terrain, and is marked by name on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps.

Mileages and Services Table

Click on a location in the table to open up the page containing accommodation and other services.
NOTE: Figures after the `+’ sign indicates miles off route

NewportHotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant,
GnosallPub, Restaurant, Bus
Haughton7¼ + ¾B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
DerringtonPub, Bus
Stafford11¾Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant,
Great Haywood16¾ + ¼B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Little Haywood18 + ¼Pub, Bus
Rugeley22¼Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Train, Bus
Brereton24Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Armitage25Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Handsacre25 + 1¼Inn, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Mavesyn Ridware26B&B
Hill Ridware26 + ¾Pub, Restaurant
Yoxall30¼Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
Alrewas33¼ + ½Inn, Pub, Restaurant
Barton Turn36½Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
36½  + 1¼Hotel, B&B, Camping, Pub,
Burton Upon Trent
39½Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant,

Way for the Millennium Guidebooks and Maps

Notes on Way for the Millennium accommodation

We have split The Way for the Millennium accommodation into Hotels & Inns and Bed & Breakfast. We use the word Inn in its true sense of a pub which provides accommodation, rather than just a romantic name for a pub. Guest House accommodation is included with Bed & Breakfast. While we realise many guest houses are better than some hotels, in order to avoid confusion we have opted for the simpler option.
We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome accommodation recommendations.

Restaurants and Pubs

We have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants along The Way for the Millennium, especially regarding pubs serving real ale and/or food. However, restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

The Way for the Millennium Public Transport

As well as listing the bus links to train stations on the relevant pages, we have also listed public transport on a single page to assist those organising their walk: The Way for the Millennium public transport

The Way for the Millennium Web Links

Staffordshire Council: The Way for the Millennium
has much info, and also where the guidebook can be bought.

The Way for the Millennium Circular Walks

Staffordshire Council has leaflets on circular walks around The Way for the Millennium (Refer to Guidebook info for link), but we welcome suggestions for additional circular walks. Please give us as much info as possible, eg distance, refreshment stops, description etc and we will add a map and a link.

The Way for the Millennium Photographs Etc

We would like to display as many photographs of The Way for the Millennium, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs – just email them to us. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

The Way for the Millennium Updates and Recommendations

RambleFest welcomes updates and recommendations for our Way for the Millennium Accommodation and Services page. Please contact us with details, using our Listing Upgrade page. All our listings are free.

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