Ridgeway Accommodation

Ridgeway Accommodation and Other Services

RambleFest displays details of Ridgeway accommodation, guidebooks and maps, camping, pubs and public transport. We also include an Ordnance Survey map link for each location along the route for which we have service details.

Ridgeway accommodation

Please refer to the Ridgeway Accommodation, Services and Mileage Table (below) for places visited along the route. By clicking on any location, the Ordnance Survey map for that location can be opened and dragged (and re-sized) to follow the route of the path.

The Ridgeway is around 90 miles in length and connects Overton Hill near Avebury in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire. It is one of the most well-known of long-distance footpaths, and even to those who do not walk paths it conjures up romantic images of ancient trackways.

The Ridgeway Accommodation, Services and Mileage Table

Please click on a location to open the page displaying Ridgeway Accommodation, Camping, Pub and Restaurant information for that location.
An Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map link has been included at each location; once the link is clicked, the map can be dragged and the scale adjusted. For each service an address and contact number is given, and wherever possible that service’s proximity to the path.
NOTE: Figures after the `+’ sign indicates miles off route

Marlborough6¾ OffHotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant,
Camping Shop, Bus
Avebury2 OffHotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
East Kennett¾ OffAccommodation, Camping
Overton HillNothing!
Broad Hinton5 + 1¼Inn, Pub, Restaurant
Ogbourne St George9 + ½Hotel, Camping, Pub, Restaurant
Foxhill16½Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Bishopstone17¾ + ½Inn, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Ashbury19¼ + ½Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Woolstone21¼ + 1¼Inn, Bus
Sparsholt Down23¾ + ½B&B, Camping, Bus (Sparsholt)
Letcombe Regis27¾ + 1½Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Court Hill28¼ + ¼Accommodation (Bunkhouse),
East Ilsley36½ + 1Inn, Restaurant, Bus
Streatley43¾Hotel, B&B, Hostel (YHA), Pub,
Train, Bus
Goring on Thames44Hotel, B&B, Pub, Train, Bus
South Stoke45½Inn, B&B, Pub
Wallingford49¼ + 1¼Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Crowmarsh Gifford49¼ + ¾Camping, Pub, Bus
Nuffield53¼B&B, Pub
Watlington58¾ + ½Inn, B&B, Camping, Pub,
Restaurant, Bus
Lewknor61¼ + ½Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Kingston Blount63 + ½Inn, B&B, Restaurant, Bus
Chinnor64½ + ¼B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus,
Train (Steam)
Princes Risborough69¾ + ¼Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Train,
Wendover76Inn, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus,
Wigginton82¼Inn, B&B, Pub
Tring82¼ + 1Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant,
Train, Bus
Aldbury84¼ + ½Inn, Pub, Train, Bus
Ivinghoe Beacon87¼The Beacon
Ivinghoe1¼ OffAccommodation (B&B), Camping,
Restaurant, Pub, Bus

The Ridgeway Guidebooks & Maps

Notes on Ridgeway Accommodation

We have listed the accommodation for each location in our Ridgeway Accommodation, Services and Mileage Table (below). Simply click on a location to open the page displaying the details of Ridgeway accommodation, camping, pubs, restaurants and public transport available at that location, including addresses and contact info.
We display a wide range of accommodation type, e.g. B&B, Guest House, Hotel, Inn, Hostel, Self catering, camping, etc., but inevitably in some locations the accommodation is limited. Not all Ridgeway accommodation will offer evening meals; this needs to be ascertained with the individual landlords. B&B (Bed and Breakfast) is almost always within the same house, farm, etc. as the people who run it. Guest Houses are usually expected to be grander than B&B, but are not necessarily so. Hotels are grander still, and with the expected higher cost, although there is a range of hotel quality. Hostels offer the most basic of accommodation above Bunk-House and Camping, and are therefore among the cheapest. Quite often some cleaning is required on the part of the resident.
We have included Camping, although there are relatively few official campsites. We advise telephoning the individual sites for info on facilities. Also, it may well be worth telephoning farmhouse B&B to enquire about camping.
We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome Ridgeway accommodation recommendations.

Ridgeway Restaurants and Pubs

East Ilsley

Some ramblers will be content to stay in their B&B in the evening and relax. Others will want to explore the villages and towns and sample the pubs and restaurants. Luckily, many pubs serve good food, and at a reasonable cost. As mentioned above, there is plenty of stopping points along the Ridgeway, whether for food or drink, and we have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants, especially regarding pubs serving real ale and/or food. Please refer to the Ridgeway Accommodation, Services and Mileage Table (below).
Restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

Ridgeway Websites

Official Ridgeway Website

The Friends of the Ridgeway
This is an `Association of people committed to preserving The Ridgeway as an ancient greenway for quiet enjoyment by the public.’

The Ridgeway Public Transport

Please refer to individual locations for transport facilities. Of special interest to those who would like to combine sections of the walk with other paths, there is a bus service which links all the locations from Liddington to Letcombe Regis.

The Ridgeway Photographs and Logs

We want to display as many photographs as possible of the Ridgeway, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs – just email them to us. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

RambleFest welcomes updates and additions to our Ridgeway Accommodation and Services page. Please contact us using our Listing Upgrade page. All our listings are free.

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