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Pennine Way Accommodation and Other Services

RambleFest lists details of Pennine Way accommodation, camping, where to eat and drink, guidebooks and maps, and public transport. We also include services website and map location links.

Pennine Way accommodation

Actually walking the Pennine Way is just one challenge; the other is finding suitable Pennine Way accommodation and other services. It is the aim of these pages to aid that second challenge. After walking many miles, however enjoyable, most walkers do not want to waste valuable energy and time on accommodation which is far from the path. As much as possible, we give the distance from the path of each accommodation, camping and other services in our list.
Closely linked with finding accommodation is that of distance of the route – and therefore distance of each day’s walk. The Pennine Way varies in length according to which guidebook one reads. Obviously, the path does not change length to suit the book, so the problem is how the various writers ascertain the length. The distance has been complicated by changes to the route, mainly because of erosion (for example the official route now accesses Kinder Downfall via Jacob’s Ladder rather than through the middle of the Kinder Scout plateau). Those walking the route will need to know how long it will be on a particular day (based on their experience, fitness and terrain, etc.) before either a lunch-time break or evening accommodation is available. For some years the distance was agreed as 250 miles, but many, including Wainwright, considered this very round figure with suspicion. Wainwright, bless his cotton walking socks, regarded the Pennine Way as 270 miles, and marked the ongoing mileage in his book accordingly. However, other authors set different mileages between points.
We have chosen to accept (although not necessarily agree with) the mileages in the Trailblazer guide to the Pennine Way by Edward de la Billiere, Keith Carter and Chris Scott (refer to Pennine Way Guidebooks and Maps), which gives the distance as 257 miles. In our opinion it is the best guide to the walk, and includes Pennine Way accommodation and camping info . All mileages quoted on RambleFest’s Pennine Way pages for distances along the route coincide with that guide.

Pennine Way Accommodation, Mileage and Services Table

Please click on a location to open the page displaying Accommodation, Camping, Pub and Restaurant information for that location.
An Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map link has been included at each location, the scale of which can be adjusted. For each service an address and contact number is given, and wherever possible that service’s proximity to the Pennine Way.
NOTE: Figures after the `+’ sign indicates miles off route.

EdaleAccommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Rail
Snake Pass8¾ + 2½Accommodation, Pub, Food
Torside14Accommodation, Bus
Padfield14 + 2½Accommodation, Pub, Food
Glossop14 + 3Accommodation, Pub,
Restaurant, Rail, Taxi
Hadfield14 + 2½Pub, Taxi, Rail
Crowden16Camping, Glamping
(via Kirklees Way)
24½ + 2Accommodation, Pub,
Restaurant,Bus, Taxi
Standedge27Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Bus
Bleak Hey Nook27 + 1½
Diggle27 + 1¼Accommodation, Pub,
Marsden (via A62)27 + 2¼Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Taxi
Blackstone Edge Reservoir33Pub, Bus
Warland Reservoir35 + 1Pub
Mankinholes37 + 1¼Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Hebden Bridge41 + 1½Accommodation, Pub, Food,
Rail, Shops
Blackshaw Head
and Colden
42½Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Shop
Hardcastle Crags43¾Camping
Widdop45¾ + ¼Pub, Food
Ponden Reservoir Area53Accommodation, Camping,
Glamping, Pub, Food
Haworth53 + 3All Services (Excl. Camping)
Cowling/Ickornshaw57B&B, Camping, Pub
Lothersdale59Camping, Pub, Food
Earby60½ + 1½Hostel, Food, Pub
East Marton64½Camping, Food, Pub
Gargrave67Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Rail
Airton70½ + ¼B&B
Kirkby Malham72 + ½B&B, Pub, Food
Malham73Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Horton in Ribblesdale88Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Rail
Cam Houses96 + ½ 
Hawes102Accommodation, Caravan
Site, Pub, Food, Bus, Outdoor
Sedbusk103 + ¼Hotel, Restaurant
Hardrow103½Accommodation, Camping,
Food, Pub
Thwaite111½Hotel, Restaurant, Bar
(Camping 1 mile)
Muker112½ + 1B&B, C, PH, Shop
Keld114½Hotel, B&B, C, R, PH
Tan Hill Inn118½Inn, R, PH
Bowes(126½)Accommodation, Pub,
Baldersdale128B&B, Bunk House
Lunedale131 + 1½
Middleton in Teesdale134½ + ¼Accommodation, Camping,
Food, Pub
Holwick137 + ¾Accommodation, Camping,
Food, Pub
High Force139½Hotel, Food, Bar
Langdon Beck143 + 1Accommodation, Food, Pub
Dufton155Accommodation, Food,
Pub, Shop
Garrigill171Accommodation, Food,
Pub, Shop
Alston175 + ½All services
Knarsdale181¾ + ½Camping, Pub, Food
Kellah187½ + ½B&B
Greenhead192 + ½Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Cawfields196¼Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Once Brewed &
Twice Brewed
198¾Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food
Hetherington212½ + ½
Shitlington Crags213½ + ½Bunkhouse
Bridgeford214½ + ¾B&B
Bellingham215½Accommodation, Camping,
Pub, Food, Bus
Byrness230½Accommodation, Camping,
Food, Pub
Lamb Hill239¼Refuge Hut
Harbottle243¼ + 4S/C accommodation,
Bunkhouse and Campsite
Auchope Rig250¼Bunkhouse accommodation
(two miles), Refuge Hut
Kirk Yetholm257½Accommodation, Food, Pub,
Bus, Shop

Pennine Way Guidebooks & Maps

About the Pennine Way

It was Tom Stephenson, a rambler and journalist, who first proposed, as long ago as 1935, a long-distance footpath along the Pennines, but it was not until April 1965 that the whole of the Pennine Way route was officially opened. It was the first of Britain’s long-distance footpaths, and remains the most famous.
The Pennine Way begins in Edale, in the Peak District National Park, and finishes at Kirk Yetholm in Scotland, passing through some of the most beautifully rugged scenery in the country. Please see table below for locations along the Pennine Way.
As might be expected, the terrain changes considerably. It begins well enough, but soon enters the bleak peat moors, epitomised by the aptly-named Black Hill, over which the Pennine Way passes. However, traversing the peat bogs is easier (and drier) now massive stone block slabs have been laid to facilitate the walker and to prevent erosion. For actual walking, the limestone area further along the route gives much joy to the feet and to the eye. Further up, the Pennine Way follows Hadrian’s Wall for several miles before heading north again and into Scotland. The Cheviots are the final challenge.

Pennine Way Accommodation Types

Malham Cove, close to Pennine Way accommodation

We have listed the accommodation for each location in our Pennine Way Accommodation, Mileage and Services Table below. Simply click on a location to open the page displaying the details of Pennine Way accommodation, camping, pubs, restaurants and public transport available at that location, including addresses and contact info
We display a wide range of Pennine Way accommodation type, e.g. B&B, Guest House, Hotel, Inn, Hostel, Self catering, camping, etc., but inevitably in some locations the accommodation is limited. Not all accommodation will offer evening meals; this needs to be ascertained with the individual landlords. B&B (Bed and Breakfast) means you will be sharing the same house as the people who run it. Guest Houses are usually expected to be grander than B&B, but are not necessarily so. Hotels are grander still, and with the expected higher cost, although there is a range of hotel quality. Hostels offer the most basic of accommodation above Bunk-House and Camping, and are therefore among the cheapest. Quite often some cleaning is required on the part of the resident.
We have included Camping, although there are relatively few official campsites. We advise telephoning the individual sites for info on facilities. Also, it may well be worth telephoning farmhouse B&B to enquire about camping.
We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome Pennine Way accommodation recommendations and updates.

Restaurants and Pubs

Of course, Pennine Way accommodation is not the only consideration. Some ramblers will be content to stay in their B&B in the evening and relax. Others will want to explore the villages and towns and sample the pubs and restaurants. Luckily, many pubs serve good food, and at a reasonable cost. We have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants and their proximity to the Pennine Way, especially regarding whether pubs serve real ale and/or food. But restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

Public Transport

Not everyone will want to walk the Pennine Way in a single hit. For those who wish to split the walk into sections, we have included train station information on the relevant Pennine Way location pages, and also include bus services links to/from stations. To assist in planning your walk we have also placed the Pennine Way Public Transport on a single page.

Splitting the Pennine Way into more manageable sections

Here’s a secret: it is NOT necessary to walk the Pennine Way in one go. Many people have time constraints, and other will be worried about the on-going effect of around three-weeks walking. To that end, the walk can be split into more manageable sections. One good option is to split it into three one-week sections:

There is plenty of Pennine Way accommodation and other services at all those locations.
Also, the last, long day from Byrness to Kirk Yetholm can be broken into two sections.

Pennine Way Website Links

Click on the link below for valuable information and footpath news:

Pennine Way Photographs and Walking Logs

We would very much like to include photgraphs and logs of those who have walked the Pennine Way. You can do so via our Contact Us page.

Pennine Way Updates, Please !!

We would appreciate any updates and amendments to our Pennine Way Accommodation and Services page. Please contact us using our Listing Upgrade page. All our listings are free.

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