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Icknield Way at Heydon

Icknield Way at Heydon

The Icknield Way is said to be the “oldest road in Britain”, starting at Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire and finishing at Knettishall Heath in Norfolk, a distance of 110 miles. At Ivinghoe Beacon it connects to the Ridgeway Path, and at Knettishall Heath it connects to the Peddars Way forming, along with the Wessex Ridgeway, a continuous path from Lyme Regis in Dorset to Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast, a path known as The Greater Ridgeway. Much more information can be gained from the Icknield Way Association: www.icknieldwaypath.co.uk/
There is effectively a South West Extension to the Icknield Way of around 18 miles, not shown in the guidebook but marked on Ordnance Survey maps, which we show on a separate table to the main route. This site is intended for anyone who loves the countryside and wishes to find accommodation, camping, pubs, restaurants, camping shops and public transport on or close to long-distance footpaths. To make use of this site you do not have to walk the whole Icknield Way, nor even part of it, but if you do, good luck to you.

Icknield Way Mileages and Services Table

Click on a location in the table to open up the page containing accommodation and other services.
NOTE: Figures after the `+’ sign indicates miles off route

Tring 5 miles off Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Train,Bus
Ivinghoe Beacon None!
Whipsnade 5 Hotel, Restaurant, Bar
Dunstable 6¾ + 1½ Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Chalk Hill 10 Pub, Bus
Houghton Regis 11 + ¼ Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Wingfield 12¼ Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Toddington 14 + ¾ Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Upper Sundon 15¾ Pub, Bus
Streatley 20 Inn, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Pirton 27 Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Ickleford 30 Inn, Pub, Bus
Letchworth 33 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Baldock 35 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Royston 46 Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Heydon 53 B&B, Pub, Bus
Chrishall 54¼ Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Elmdon 55½ Pub, Restaurant
Great Chesterford 60 Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Linton 64 Inn, B&B, Pub, Restaurant
Balsham 69 Hotel, Pub, Restaurant
Brinkley 75 Pub, Bus
Burrough Green 76 Pub, Bus
Stetchworth 78 B&B, Pub, Bus
Cheveley 80 Hotel, B&B, Pub
Ashley 81 B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Gazeley 87 Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Kentford 89 + ½ Pub, Restaurant, Train (1½m)
Tuddenham 92 Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Icklingham 94
Barrows Corner 101 Link to Thetford
Knettishall Heath 110 Car Park!

South West Extension: Bledlow to Ivinghoe Beacon

Bledlow 0 + ¾ Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Princes Risborough 2¾ + ¼ Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Wendover 9 + ¼ Hotel, B&B, Pub, Restaurant, Bus, Train
Wigginton 14½ Inn, B&B, Pub, Bus
Cow Roast 15¾ Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Aldbury 17¾ Inn, Pub, Restaurant, Bus
Ivinghoe Beacon

Icknield Way Guidebooks & Maps

CLICK HERE for the best Icknield Way guidebooks and maps, and the facility for buying them online.

Notes on Icknield Way Accommodation

Icknield Way, Gazeley

Icknield Way, Gazeley

We have split the Icknield Way accommodation into Hotels & Inns and Bed & Breakfast. We use the word Inn in its true sense of a pub which provides accommodation, rather than just a romantic name for a pub. Guest House accommodation is included with Bed & Breakfast. While we realise many guest houses are better than some hotels, in order to avoid confusion we have opted for the simpler option. We are always looking to improve our information, and welcome Icknield Way accommodation recommendations.

Icknield Way Restaurants and Pubs

We have attempted to give as much information as possible on pubs and restaurants along the Icknield Way, especially regarding pubs serving real ale and/or food. However, restaurants and pubs are notoriously changeable. Please let us know if our information is out of date.

Icknield Way Public Transport

We have included, wherever known, public transport information on the relevant Icknield Way location pages. In addition, we have placed the whole public transport info on one page for planning the walk in advance: Icknield Way Public Transport

Icknield Way Photographs and Logs

We want to display as many photographs as possible of the Wessex Ridgeway, and there is always room for your photographs and walk logs – just email them to us. Alternatively, if you have them online you can send us the link.

Icknield Way Weblinks

The most important link is the Icknield Way Association:
The following includes bridleways, byways, and some roads. It will certainly be of use to those requiring more flexibility:
Icknield Way Trail

Personal Logs and Photos


We are always looking to include long-distance path photographs and walk logs. Please email them to us or, if they are already online, send us the link.

Icknield Way Updates and Recommendations

RambleFest welcomes updates and recommendations. Please contact us with details. All our listings are free.

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