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Wessex Ridgeway Guidebooks and Maps

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“A detailed guidebook to walking the entire Greater Ridgeway across southern England from Lyme Regis, on the south coast, to Hunstanton, on the Norfolk coast. Running for 583km (363 miles), the full Ridgeway, archaeologists tell us, was walked when the stone circle at Avebury was just a glint in its builder’s eye. Neolithic tradesmen, pilgrims and invading armies of five millennia have used this route, which is now fully accessible to walkers and ramblers. The Greater Ridgeway route incorporates four established long-distance paths: The Wessex Ridgeway (Lyme Regis to Overton); The Ridgeway National Trail (Overton to Ivinghoe); The Icknield Way (Ivinghoe to Thetford) and The Peddars Way (Knettishall to Hunstanton). It is a walk of incredible variation: from the flat open plateau of the Salisbury Plain to the undulating Dorset hills; from airy ridges above Wantage to the big sky country around Thetford; from small, intimate villages of the shires to the pleasant northern fringes of Luton. This complete guide to walking the entire Ridgeway includes full route and accommodation details, and is thoroughly illustrated with 60 maps and many photographs.”
The Greater Ridgeway: A walk along the ancient route from Lyme Regis to Hunstanton (Cicerone)

“This comprehensive guide covers the entire route of the Wessex Ridgeway from Marlborough in Wiltshire to the Dorset coast. It includes points of interest along the way, archaeological sites and places with literary associations with background details.”
Wessex Ridgeway (Recreational Path Guides)

Notes on Wessex Ridgeway Guidebooks

Disappointingly, The Greater Ridgeway (which includes the Wessex Ridgeway) by Ray Quinlan (Cicerone) is out of print, although we include a link to it because it may be available through a third-party via Amazon.
Feel free to let Cicerone know how in demand this excellent guidebook is! We also include other out-of-print guidebooks that cover part of the route.
Wiltshire Council has footpaths info on its website: Wiltshire Council walks

We love to keep these less-well-known long-distance footpaths in use.

Wessex Ridgeway Maps

We display the Ordnance Survey “Explorer” maps at 1:25,000 scale which cover the Wessex Ridgeway route. We display the standard quality, although the the tougher all-weather type is also available. The path is marked by name on all `Explorer’ maps.

Ordnance Survey provide the service of online maps, which you can use on all your devices. Costs around £20 – £25 per year for all maps across the UK for a year. Great value. The Wessex Ridgeway path is marked by name on all `Explorer’ maps. Click on the link:
Ordnance Survey Maps Online

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