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Viking Way Guidebooks and Maps

RambleFest displays the best Viking Way guidebooks and maps, and provides the facility for buying them online.

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“The Viking Way is a long-distance footpath, which runs for 130 miles from Barton-upon-Humber to Oakham, passing through some of the quietest and most attractive scenery in eastern England. The Way starts along the scarp and rolling hills of Lincolnshire Wolds, skirting several deserted medieval village sites, and continues through the Witham valley to historic Lincoln. Thence, it runs along the Lincoln Cliff, a Jurassic scarp, to the Leicestershire border along part of the Roman Ermine Street and other ancient trackways. The finish lies along the shores of Rutland Water to Oakham. Each chapter describes a section of path normally covering no more than 12 miles, with three slightly longer stretches. At the moment many locals walk the path in daily stages, but there is an increasing trend for the entire route to be tackled as a long-distance footpath. With no special effort, this should be accomplished easily in the space of a fortnight.”
The Viking Way (A Cicerone guide)

Notes on Viking Way Guidebooks

It appears The Viking Way guidebooks are out of print and only available through third-parties. We include two guidebooks in our display which can be sourced via Amazon.
A guidebook can also be downloaded from Lincolnshire County Council, and is excellent, except the route shown is confined to a few yards each side of the path. We therefore advise buying the maps as well (see below). Download the guidebook from Lincolnshire Council: Viking Way Guide

Viking Way Maps

We display the Ordnance Survey “Explorer” maps which cover the route. We show the standard quality, although the tougher all-weather type is also available. The path is marked by name on all the maps.

Ordnance Survey provide the service of online maps, which you can use on all your devices. Costs around £20 – £25 per year for all maps across the UK for a year. Great value. Click on the link:
Ordnance Survey Maps Online

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