Shropshire Way Guidebooks

Shropshire Way Guidebooks and Maps

RambleFest displays the best Shropshire Way guidebooks and maps, and provides the facility for buying them online

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Notes on Shropshire Way Guidebooks

There no longer appears to be a Shropshire Way guidebook in print. We have included two out-of-print guidebooks; hopefully, some will be available via our Amazon link from third parties. The Shropshire Way guidebook by Robert Kirk is the original.

The Shropshire Way Association have a good online guide and map, and also has circular walks based on the Shropshire Way.
Recently, the route has been altered to form two loops.

Shropshire Way Maps

Five Ordnance Survey “Explorer” maps at 1:25,000 scale are required, and we display them in standard quality, although the tougher all-weather type are also available. The Way is marked by name on all the maps. We also display the Harvey Map of the Shropshire Way, which also includes info.

Ordnance Survey provide the service of online maps, which you can use on all your devices. Costs around £20 – £25 per year for all maps across the UK for a year. Great value. Click on the link:
Ordnance Survey Maps Online

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