Angles Way Guidebooks

Angles Way Guidebooks and Maps

RambleFest a displays the best Angles Way guidebooks and maps, and provides the facility for buying them online.

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RambleFest a displays Angles Way guidebooks and maps for the 77 mile long-distance footpath following – approximately – the Norfolk/Suffolk border between Great Yarmouth and Knettishall Heath. It is mostly a gentle walk, and there is plenty of accommodation and other services. There is also plenty of services further afield for those wishing to explore the area around the Angles Way.

Below, RambleFest displays Angles Way Guidebooks and Maps, and provides the facility for them online.

Angles Way Guidebooks

There is a downloadable Angles Way Guidebook from Discover Suffolk Angles Way, written by the local Ramblers group.We do not know if the other guidebook to this route is available; we include it below because it may still be available second-hand through Amazon. Luckily, the Angles Way is marked by name on the maps displayed below. Anyone with basic map-reading skills should not require an Angles way guidebook, but we think they do add to the background information and enjoyment of the walk.
We welcome info and updates on possible guidebooks.

Angles Way Maps

Three Ordnance Survey Explorer maps at 1:25,000 scale are required for the Angles Way, and we display the standard quality, although the tougher all-weather type is also available. The Angles Way is marked by name on the “Explorer” maps.

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