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“The Allerdale Ramble is nominally a 87km / 54 mile long distance path (LDP) starting in the Lake District National Park before striking out west for the Solway Firth coast.
We say “nominally” as the key word here is “ramble”: the walk designer, Harry Appleyard, gives you options at various points, the most significant being whether or not you scale Skiddaw. And even there if you do choose to climb that mighty hill he suggests several different routes you could use all of which fall within the Ramble.
However the essence of this walk is that it starts at Seathwaite south of Derwent Water at the bottom of Borrowdale and it takes you back up Borrowdale and along the west side of Derwent Water to Keswick. Here you get to choose whether or not to climb Skiddaw but either way all options end up with you walking along the north east side of Bassenthwaite Lake and then on towards Cockermouth.
Again there’s another decision to be made here as the primary route skips Cockermouth by staying on the north side of the River Derwent but a diversion through Cockermouth may make a lot of sense.
Both paths are re-united for the next leg heading west towards Maryport and the coast only to split 3km out with the primary route going to Maryport and the alternative direct to open shoreline. From there the path joins the Cumbria Coastal Way for the final sections up the coast to Grune Point.
It is indeed a ramble and it’s probably different for everyone who walks it!”
– Allerdale Ramble Website

There is only one Allerdale Ramble Guidebook, and that is combined with the contiguous Cumbria Way, to produce a guidebook to two popular Lake District long distance walks through Cumbria in northern England. It has excellent strip-map diagrams, and additional maps should not be necessary unless roaming from the path (or unless, like us, you just love maps).
Unfortunately, it seems the only Allerdale Ramble guidebook is no longer available. It is still worth clicking on the link for it below, as there might be second-hand copies available via our Amazon link. We welcome updates to this info.

“A guidebook to two popular Lake District long distance walks through Cumbria in northern England. The 75-mile Cumbria Way and the 50-mile Allerdale Ramble are the two premier long-distance walks across the English Lake District. Keeping mainly to the valley bottoms, they are a superb introduction to Britain’s most popular walking area and to the pleasures of long-distance walking itself. This illustrated guide, the most comprehensive ever, tells you everything you need to know to make walking these two routes an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It includes: large-scale maps, detailed instructions, advice on where to stay and eat and what to see, town maps, public transport information, places of interest and local history. Most of the walking is easy, using well-established routes. If you’re reasonably fit you should comfortably complete one of the walks during a week’s holiday, and still have time for a day out to climb a mountain or explore a Lakeland town too. Each route can be split up into short walks but by far the best way is to tackle them as a continuous series of delights, allowing the body and mind become more attuned to the sights and sounds of the countryside.”
– Cumbria Way and the Allerdale Ramble (Cicerone Guide)

We include (above) the Ordnance Survey Explorer maps which cover the route.

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