Solway Coast Guidebooks

Solway Coast Guidebooks and Maps

Below, RambleFest displays details of Solway Coast guidebooks and maps, and provides the facility for buying them online.

Stretching along the Cumbrian shore of the Solway Firth, the Solway Coast is a low, open and windswept AONB with wide views across to the hills of Galloway. Physically part of the Solway Plain, the coast’s characteristic feature is its continuous 7.6m raised beach. Silting along the estuary has left extensive marine deposits and the open foreshore strip now consists either of marine terrace with low, scrub-covered sandstone cliffs or undulating dunes. With varied habitats and rich feeding grounds, the estuary is of outstanding wildlife importance. An overwintering ground for huge numbers of wildfowl, the Upper Solway’s flats and marshes are a Ramsar site and seals, dolphins and porpoises have been sighted offshore. Glasson Moss National Nature Reserve is part of the largest undamaged area of lowland raised mire in Britain. The area has a rich historical and cultural heritage associated with its position on the Scottish border.

Solway Coast Guidebooks

We display the few rambling books we have found. Some are out of print, but available from third-parties via Amazon. We welcome suggestions for inclusion.
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Solway Coast Guidebook

Solway Coast Guidebook

“The name Solway – path of the sun – speaks for itself. At certain times, the sea in the Solway Firth resembles a sheet of shimmering gold, a phenomenon that has given rise to many legends. This most beautiful and dangerous of seas has a tidal average of 30 feet that can reach 25/30 miles per hour, the average speed of a galloping horse. Evidence of the sea’s power has been well documented: in the 1700s an entire town was washed away into the Solway during a single storm. The Solway lies at the heart of the old Northern Lands and around its shores there is evidence of occupation and industry from prehistory up to the present day. Starting on the west side of the Solway, Helen Ivison takes the reader on a visual tour of this fascinating coastline, Whithorn to the village of St Bees further south. Themes covered include history, folklore, flora and fauna, saints, rivers, fishing, ports, lifeboats, famous visitors including Dickens and many more.”
– Solway Coast: Britain’s Heritage Coast

Solway Coast Maps

The Ordnance Survey `Explorer’ map is available in standard quality (shown), as well as the all-weather type.

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