Kent Downs Guidebooks

Kent Downs Guidebooks and Maps

Below, RambleFest displays Kent Downs guidebooks and maps, and provides the facility for buying them online.

Kent Downs Guidebook

Kent Downs Guidebook

The Kent Downs AONB forms the eastern end of a great arc of designated landscape stretching from the East Hampshire and Surrey Hills AONBs. The Kent Downs AONB continues from the Surrey border in a widening ribbon of rolling countryside to meet the sea at the cliffs of Dover. Inland, the Downs rise to over 240m, cresting in a prominent escarpment above the Weald to the south. It is traversed by the three prominent river valleys of the Darent, Medway and Stour.
The Kent Downs AONB roughly follows the southeast’s outcrop of chalk and greensand, the two ridges running parallel with each other to the coast. The chalk ridge, with its characteristic dip slope and dry valleys, has great wildlife importance in its unimproved chalk grassland, scrub communities and broadleaved woodlands.

Kent Downs Guidebooks

We display the one Kent Downs book we have found. There will be other books on rambles in Kent (see Kent under Counties). Also, please refer to our North Downs Way and Wealdway for guidebooks on that long-distance footpath. We welcome suggestions for inclusion.

“[The Kent Downs] aims to capture growing public interest within the Kent Downs as a special and cherished landscape of Kent. This book unravels the history of its settlement and colonisation and the legacy of its varied natural treasures that define its special characteristics; the rare and the commonplace; the peculiar; and the mysterious and the haunting.”
The Kent Downs, by Dan Tuson

Kent Downs Maps

The Ordnance Survey `Explorer’ maps are available in standard quality (displayed) as well as the all-weather type. The standard type tend to be more up to date.

Click on an image below for more information on the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty guidebooks and maps, and the option of buying online:

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