About Us

About Us

RambleFest is run by a small group who have over 100 years’ of walking long-distance footpaths between them, and many more years of walking footpaths, National Parks, and Areas of Outstanding natural beauty. We realise that the actual walking is just part of the experience of a long-distance footpath: accommodation is required, whether under canvass or tiles, and food and drink is required.┬áThe purpose of this site is to assist those walking in the countryside (and not just those on long-distance footpaths) find suitable accommodation and where to eat and drink. We are in the process of upgrading all our listings.

RambleFest includes:

  • Guidebooks and Maps: Refer to the Guidebooks and Maps section of our Home Page. Not only do we display Guidebooks and Maps for each long-distance footpath; we also display guidebooks and maps for National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB). They can be purchased through us at a much cheaper price than the high street. Click on the map or guidebook images. There are many, many other guidebooks and maps in our store.
  • Accommodation: These are listed within the specific footpath pages, and are categorised into Hotels and Inns, Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfast, Hostels, and Camping.
  • Restaurants: Listed within the specific footpath pages, they are categorised into Restaurants, Cafes and Tea Shops, and Bar Meals.
  • Pubs and Bars: Listed within the specific footpath pages, we have tried to include all the pubs and bars along long-distance footpaths. We at Ramblefest are ardent Real Ale fans, and will always try to promote those pubs and bars serving real ale. Pubs where real ale is served tend to be good pubs all-round. To that end, we have mentioned those pubs included in the current Camra Good Beer Guide, and we also provide links to websites devoted to pubs and beer.
  • Camping Shops: Although few and far between, it is always handy to know where to buy extra socks, waterproofing etc, or just to have a good look at what is on offer.
  • Public Transport: We have given information on railway stations on or close to the paths, and have provided links to National Rail for further information on particular stations. Information for buses is more elusive, but wherever possible we have provided information.
  • Forum: Refer to the Forum tab. This is where info and opinion on footpaths, walking gear, accommodation, beer, etc., can be exchanged. people seeking rambling partners can post here, as can people offering or seeking rambling gear.
  • Photographs: We have a wealth of photographs for many paths, which we will upload in due course, but people are welcome to upload their own photographs to Ramblefest so they can be shared with other ramblers.

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